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Aldelo For Restaurants: Pro Edition POS Software

Aldelo For Restaurants: Pro Edition POS Software

Aldelo for Restaurants Pro is a low-cost, feature-rich, and easy-to-use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants. It is used in over 75,000 installations around the world. Its feature set supports any type of restaurant environment.

Standard features in the Pro edition include 100% touch-operated POS, multi-lingual user interface, gift card management, frequent diner program, house accounts, VIP discounts, reservations, waiting list, guest paging, Caller ID, MapPoint integration, labor scheduling, time card tracking and recipe control, inventory management, integrated credit card processing and much more.

The software also includes 30 days of complimentary technical support with engineers staffed 7 days a week to make sure you get up and running successfully. The software operates on Windows XP Pro.

For Restaurants: Pro Edition is a low-cost, feature-rich, and easy-to-use total restaurant management software for table service and quick service restaurants.

Table Service and Quick Service POS

Aldelo for Restaurants Pro is designed for table service and quick service establishments. Features such as specialized quick service order entry and flexible configuration allow you to custom tailor the software to your needs. The software also allows you to mix-and-match table service and counter service POS in the same restaurant.

Enhanced Seating Management

With Aldelo for Restaurants Pro, you can manage tables, perform order splits and combines, apply gratuities, track guest counts, and control every aspect of order entry process with ease.

Integrated Pizza Builder

Aldelo for Restaurants Pro has great support for pizza restaurants. The pizza ordering screens are optimized for speed and efficiency. Simply apply the pizza crust and toppings by touching the screen. Caller ID and integrated delivery management are also standard. Serve customers faster.

Integrated Visual Map Display

Aldelo for Restaurants Pro provides delivery drivers with detailed turn-by-turn instructions and optimized route planning.

Easy Access Management

Aldelo for Restaurants Pro puts all analysis functions, sales trends, and statistics at your fingertips. Changing menu information is easy.

Basic Point of Sale Features

  • Remote kitchen & bar printer support - Up to 6 kitchen departments & 1 bar department
  • Remote order packaging printer support
  • Touch Screen Based Order Entry
  • Barcode Based Order Entry
  • Dine In Order Type Support
  • Visual Table Layout Support - Ability to let you design your on screen table layout similar to your physical layout. Layout is provided on a 7 by 9 button grid, with unused table buttons invisible
  • Table Management Support - View your occupied table, need to clear table, available table, table served time, and other information directly from table layout screen. You can also define table attributes such as near windows, smoking section, private seating, booth, maximum seating capacity, hibachi table, and more.
  • Hostess Features - Open & assign new order to a specific server without know that server's access code. Plus auto-refreshing table layout so that hostess will get an accurate picture of the dining room status  
  • Reservation Features - Ability to let you create, edit, & print out reservations anytime in the future. You can also specify table, seating preferences, additional notes, who pays the bill, party name, telephone number, occasion, credit card number, guest count for adults, child, wheelchairs, & high chairs  
  • Flexible Menu Item Pricing Support - Allow you to specify different menu item prices for each of the order types. For example, your New York Steak for dine in may be $10.00, while take out is $11.00, and delivery could be defined as $15.00
  • Super Easy To Use Pizza Builder Screen
  • Popup Forced Modifier Screens  
  • One Touch Order Split & Combine  
  • Direct Recall of Another Open Order From within Order Entry Screen  
  • Bar Tab Order Type Support
  • Visual Bar Customer Attribute Selection  
  • Take Out Order Type Support
  • Customer Information Tracking
  • One Touch Order Duplication
  • Delayed Send Order Notification
  • Order, Item, & Cash Discounts Capability
  • Drive Thru Order Type Support
  • Drive Thru Completion Timing
  • Delivery Order Type Support
  • Delivery Map Code Lookup Support
  • Delivery Visual Map Display Interface
  • Delivery Driver Departure & Arrival Tracking
  • Delivery Driver Money Drop Support
  • Delivery Driver Timing Support
  • Frequent Diner Program
  • In House Charge Account Program
  • Bad Check Tracking Support
  • Employee Time Card Tracking Support
  • Employee Staff (Server) Bank Support
  • Internal Email Communicator Support
  • Gift Certificate Management
  • Customer Credit Management
  • Video Surveillance Snapshot Support – Works with inexpensive WebCAM cameras as well.
  • Cash Register Functionalities
  • Refunds, Voids, Pay Outs, & Manager Cash Outs
  • Credit Card Interface To PC Charge Software (version 5.7.1 release H) – Note: The software does NOT support any other PC Charge features. For credit card batch outs, check guarantees, ATM/Debit transaction processing needs, or other features, you will need to use the PC Charge software directly.

Back Office Features

  • Basic Back Office Features - Easy to use Back Office setup, activities, and maintenance screens. Database backup support and automatic database repair included in software. Ability to export 8x11 reports to Excel. Separate free utility (Aldelo Database Manager Utility) to allow you to purge test orders from the live database and reindex the order sequence afterwards. Allowing you to have accurate database information at any time. You will no longer need to worry about accidently training your new employee on your live database, and wonder what to do with those training orders.
  • Inventory Management Support – supports physical inventory counts, menu item recipe definition, inventory depletion, shopping lists triggered by levels falling below pre-defined minimum thresholds, usage forecasts, profitability reports, food costing reports and much more.
  • Employee Payroll Preparation Report - Speed up your payroll process with our payroll preparation report, it calculates all your important payroll information, except the payroll taxes
  • Built-In Reports

Multilingual Features

  • 100% Multilingual POS & Back Office Screen Interface - Software supports English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, & Simplified Chinese. All screen interfaces from the POS to the Back Office could show in any of the supported languages (Some system level message boxes may show in English). Primary & secondary menu item & menu modifier names, allowing you to configure your kitchen/bar copy as flexible as you like for multilingual kitchen departments.
  • Custom Selection of Display Font Name & Characterset Per Language
  • Follow Me Language Display Technology – language shown on screen based on log-in

Technical Features

  • 100% 32-Bit Windows Based - Runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • 100% Touch Screen Operated Point of Sales – Your wait staff does not need prior computer knowledge
  • Open Database Architecture – Based on the popular Microsoft Jet 4.0 Database Engine, database is compatible with Microsoft Access 2000
  • Peer To Peer Windows Networking Support  
  • Advanced Caller ID Interface - You can see the caller information and last order before you even pickup the telephone
  • Support For Various Point of Sale Peripherals  
  • 30 Days of Free Telephone and Email Support
  • Room To Grow With You - Up to 36 menu groups, with each menu group having up to 32 menu items. Each menu item can also be allowed to define as Top Level item with up to 800 sub items per each Top Level! Giving you over 18,000 menu item access with only three touchs, or over 1,000 menu item access with just two touches!

Technical Requirements

One computer needs to be designated as the host for the database file. You may wish to have a computer that hosts the database file by itself when you using 3 or more POS stations connected to your network. This station could still also host the POS Software if you so desire. The minimum requirements for this computer are as follows:

  • 850 MHz or higher CPU
  • 256 MB or higher RAM (512 MB RAM is strongly recommended)
  • 2 GB or higher free hard drive space
  • A reasonably fast hard drive (The higher its RPM, the better)
  • Video display supporting 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution
  • Windows® 2000/XP operating system
  • Enough serial and parallel ports for all your intended peripherals

For additional computers that are networked into the host computer and that are used for point of sale transactions, or back office activities, the requirements are slightly less.

  • 600 MHz or higher CPU
  • 128 MB or higher RAM (256 MB RAM is strongly recommended)
  • 100 MB or higher of free hard drive space (POS only)
  • 2 GB or higher of free hard drive space (Database Host)
  • Video display supporting 800 x 600 pixel screen resolution
  • Windows® 2000/XP operating system
  • Enough serial and parallel ports for all your intended peripherals

Advanced Features Available

We offer several other software packages from Aldelo. Please call for more information. These software include:

Aldelo for Restaurants Wireless – expands the Pro edition to enable mobile handheld PDA units anywhere in the restaurant.

Aldelo Fingerprint Server – enables staff to perform quick log-ons with the touch of a finger.

Aldelo Hotel Integrator – Integrates into Micros 4700 compatible and Micros Opera compatible hotel management solutions so that your guests can charge drinks or meals to their room.

Aldelo Kitchen Display Server – Provides graphic on-screen orders in your kitchen so that your cooks are no longer frustrated with lost tickets.

Aldelo Gift Card Server – When you have multiple restaurants, the gift card server allows your staff to issue and redeem gift cards at any location in real time.

Aldelo Polling Server – Automatically transmits daily sales from your restaurants to your headquarters via compressed emails. Allows you to send menu changes, employee updates, and inventory additions to all restaurants simultaneously.
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