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Asset Tracking Software

Companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars in valuable assets each year because items that are misplaced, lost, or stolen. Whether you are tracking IT assets, yard containers, vehicles, tools, documents, or other items, having a reliable asset tracking software will help you prevent losing valuable assets and money. When choosing asset tracking software you want to consider reporting detail and whether or not the software supports batch or real-time updates. Tracking assets is easy when the software is combined with a Mobile Computer, Tablet, or Barcode Scanner. Additionally, we offer asset tracking software applications that will run on your iOS or Android device. Call one of our experts to learn about our free trial/demo of our asset tracking software.

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  1. RioScan Fixed Assets Asset Tracking Software
    Part #: | SKU: model-2325

    Fixed Assets, is a ready-to-use, complete solution for any company to take control of their fixed assets. Our product is a comprehensive asset management system that seamlessly integrates a powerful PC database with an easy-to-use handheld data collection device. The PC runs a Microsoft Access 2000 database, while the portable data collection is performed on a handheld PalmOS device with an integrated bar code scanner. The package includes the Fixed Assets software and software license for both the PC and the handheld device and 250 preprinted labels.
  2. Jolly Asset Track Asset Tracking Software
    Part #: | SKU: model-8031

    Asset Track is an innovative, new tracking system from Jolly that allows organizations to manage and track all of their assets by scanning asset barcodes or by entering physical characteristics. The open data architecture allows Asset Track to integrate with existing information systems. Asset Track includes features like centralized management, a barcode label designer and comprehensive audit trail reporting are built-in. Asset Track integrates with Active Directory, ID Flow, Lobby Track and other existing ID card systems to make borrower check out quick and easy.
  3. Wasp AssetCloud Software
    Part #: | SKU: model-17637

    AssetCloud provides an easy-to-use interface designed to meet the tracking needs of businesses of all sizes, departments within large enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and health care organizations. Wasp's AssetCloud gives you the ability to swiftly find your asset and eliminates unnecessary replacement of missing assets.
  4. Wasp AssetCloud Software Accessories
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  5. Wasp Mobile Asset Asset Tracking Software
    Part #: | SKU: model-3560

    Wasp Mobile Asset offers exciting new features and enhancements designed to make managing your assets easier than ever. Mass update allows you to instantly add or update information for a group of assets eliminating time-consuming, individual changes to asset records. Improve efficiency by printing asset, location and employee tags directly from lists. Ensure data integrity with enhanced security, including site-level asset visibility and department-level security settings. With Mobile Asset, you can pinpoint an asset's location to-the-minute, with the ability to set a due-time, in addition to due-date. Mobile Asset also supports check-out with no due date, ideal for assets like PCs that will be indefinitely assigned to an employee. Enterprise editions include: Track and manage assets for multiple companies using multi-tenant feature and also Microsoft SQL Express Database.
  6. eTWIST Parts
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  7. Jolly Parts
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