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Barcode Decoder

Barcode decoder wedges decode and format the data from your undecoded barcode scanner.

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  1. Intermec Microbar 9730 Decoder

    The Microbar 9730 is suitable for connecting bar code wands and scanners to PC's in a wide range of applications for homes, offices, libraries, health care and industry, and for connecting multiple input devices to a single terminal in retail.
  2. Intermec 9730 Accessories

    Power Supplies and Cables
  3. Motorola LL500 Accessories

    Cables, Interface Kits, Power supply, Stand and Manual
  4. Unitech PW120 Decoder

    The PW120 is a powerful bar code reader that can be connected with terminals and PC's to bar code scanners, magnetic stripe readers, and serial input through keyboard or RS-232 interface.
  5. Unitech Wedge Accessories

    Adapters and Cables for Unitech Wedge's

5 Item(s)

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