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Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Printer

Datamax-O'Neil E-Class Printer

The Datamax-O-Neil E-Class thermal barcode printer family is designed to be the printer of choice when value, performance and features are the primary printer requirements. The E-Class Family consists of the E-4204 and E-4304 printers. E-Class printers are capable of printing a wide variety of labels in applications ranging from small office shipping requirements to compliance and general purpose product identification labels and tags. Hospitals, medical laboratories, automobile service shops, shipping/mail centers, and inventory stock rooms are all typical examples of the types of businesses that can benefit from using the E-Class printers. And with PDF417 and MaxiCode 2D barcode capabilities, the E-Class can print complex transportation symbols and label formats. The E-Class printers are available in both Direct thermal or Thermal transfer configurations and are available with an options list developed to suit virtually any low- to medium volume label printing application.
Starting at: MSRP: CAD 352.80 Price: CAD 304.80
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  1. Datamax-O'Neil (18)
Maximum Print Width
  1. 4.25 (11)
  2. 4.16 (5)
Print Resolution
  1. 203 dpi (12)
  2. 300 dpi (5)
  3. 305 dpi (1)
  1. Filter (1)
Included Features
  1. Peeler (1)
  2. Cutter (4)
Interface Options
  1. Ethernet (3)
  2. Parallel (2)
  3. USB Host (11)
Printer Type
  1. Desktop (16)
Print Method
  1. Direct Thermal (8)
  2. Thermal Transfer (8)
Print Speed
  1. 4 (3)
  2. 5 (9)
  3. 6 (4)
  1. Printhead Kit (1)
  1. Datamax-O'Neil PHD20-2192-01 Thermal Printhead

    E-Class, Replacement Printhead Kit, 203 dpi, Compatible Printer Model E-Class
    MSRP: CAD 421.98 Price: CAD 364.65
    In Stock
  2. Datamax-O'Neil PHD20-2213-01 Thermal Printhead

    E-Class, Replacement printhead, 305 dpi.
    MSRP: CAD 352.80 Price: CAD 304.80
  3. Datamax-O'Neil EP2-00-1J001P00 Barcode Printer

    E-4206P, 203 dpi 6 ips TT PLZ Serial Parallel USB Real-time clock USB HOST
    MSRP: CAD 1,130.01 Price: CAD 887.55
  4. Datamax-O'Neil EP2-01-0JP00Q30 Barcode Printer

    E-4206P, E4206P 203 dpi 6 ips DT PEEL USB LAN 802.11 B/G WIRELESS
    MSRP: CAD 1,462.50 Price: CAD 1,148.70
  5. Datamax-O'Neil EA2-00-1J001A00 Barcode Printer

    E-4205A, E4205A 203 dpi 5 ips ADJUSTABLE SNS LED TT DPL Serial Parallel USB LAN 64MB FL
  6. Datamax-O'Neil EA2-00-1L000A00 Barcode Printer

    E-4205A, E4205A E-Class Mark III Thermal transfer Printer (203 dpi, 5 ips, European Power cord)
  7. Datamax-O'Neil EL2-00-0JP00P00 Barcode Printer

    E-4206L, E4206L MARK III DT PEEL with SENS Serial USB Parallel LAN
  8. Datamax-O'Neil EA2-00-0JG01A00 Barcode Printer

    E-4205A, E4205A E-Class Mark III Direct thermal Printer (Advanced, 203 dpi, 5 ips, CTR with Sensor, Serial, Parallel and USB, LAN)
  9. Datamax-O'Neil EA2-00-0JG00A00 Barcode Printer

  10. Datamax-O'Neil EL2-00-1J001P00 Barcode Printer

    E-4206L, E4206L TT 203 dpi DPL PLZ EPL Serial Parallel USB LAN Real-time clock USB HOST

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