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Datamax-O'Neil H-4310 RFID RFID Printer

Datamax-O'Neil H-4310 RFID RFID Printer

The Datamax-O-Neil H-4310 RFID is the most advanced and feature-rich printer solution designed for today's dynamic enterprise applications. The H-4310 RFID provides throughput that is up to twice as fast as other printers in its class, and its gear-driven design provides rugged and reliable performance for 24x7 mission-critical service. Modular construction increases up-time for the highest levels of user productivity, and helps provide the lowest cost of ownership. The H-4310 RFID offers the industry's largest graphical display that provides an easy-to-read view for quick navigation and printer notifications. In addition, the H-4310 RFID is designed with options to address evolving RFID applications.
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  1. Datamax-O'Neil (4)
Maximum Print Width
  1. 4.16 (1)
Print Resolution
  1. 300 dpi (1)
  1. Parallel (1)
Frequency Range
  1. UHF (2)
  1. Datamax-O'Neil C43-J2-48000JR7 RFID Printer

    H-4310 RFID, 4" Thermal transfer HF RFID (13.56 MHz), Ethernet/USB/Wi-Fi Interfaces, SDIO, Tall Display, US Power supply
  2. Datamax-O'Neil C43-J2-48000PR7 RFID Printer

    H-4310, RFID Thermal transfer Printer (BDTT, RFID HF 13.56 MHz Kit, Applicator Card Kit, 3 inch Hub)
  3. Datamax-O'Neil C43-L1-480000V7 RFID Printer

    H-4310 RFID, 4" Thermal transfer RFID, Ethernet/Serial/USB/Parallel, US Power supply
  4. Datamax-O'Neil C43-L1-489000V7 RFID Printer

    H-4310 RFID, H-4310 TT RFID UHF MP915 MHz PEEL PRES Internal rewind

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