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GVision Touchscreen & POS Monitor

GVISION mission is the design and manufacture of LCD products offering display solutions to a wide array of customers. Whether it is a desktop, touch screen or open frame unit, each LCD monitor offers eye pleasing clarity and stunning image quality.

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  1. GVision P15BX Touchscreen

    The P15BX is a 15" touch screen monitor for POS applications. It features fashionable housing and a stable aluminum stand. The P15BX has a high contract color TFT LCD open frame display that supports resolutions up to XGA 1024x768. It is also compatible with IBM VGA and VESA standards. The P15BX comes with a built-in power adapter and cable management that is designed in the base.
  2. GVision P10PS POS Monitor

    The GVision is a 10.4" POS touchscreen with resolutions up to 800x600 and a "no-wobble" photoframe stand and resistive GTouch sensor. The P10PS has a high contract color TFT LCD display and is compatible with IBM and VESA standards. Also comes equipped with advanced OSD control for picture quality adjustment and a built-in audio system.
  3. GVision K15TX Touchscreen

    The GVision K15TX is a 15-inch TFT LCD monitor with a rugged metal chassis that offers strong protection. It's high contrast color TFT LCD is an open frame and can support resolutions up to XGA 1024x768. The K15TX also features a flexible mechanical design for various industrial applications. The K15TX accepts multiple signals like VGA, DVI, Composite, and S-Video.
  4. GVision Parts

    Products and parts from GVision.

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