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IntelliTrack DMS: Data Management Software Inventory Software

IntelliTrack DMS: Data Management Software Inventory Software

DMS: Data Management Software is designed to maintain inventory in a variety of business environments. This user-friendly inventory tracking system combines state-of-the-art bar code data collection on your portable data terminal, with a sophisticated Windows -based inventory management program for your PC.
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  1. IntelliTrack R44-2285 Misc

    Accessories, Fixed Assets User Manual
    Price: CAD 88.08
  2. IntelliTrack R44-2290 Misc

    Accessories, User Manual (for Package Track)
    Price: CAD 88.08
  3. Price: CAD 128.72
  4. IntelliTrack 00-SVC-03 General Software

    Service, Installation of a batch IntelliTrack product
    Price: CAD 271.00
  5. IntelliTrack 00-SVC-21 Inventory Management Software

    On-site Installation of an RF INTELLITRACK - PER HOUR CHARGE
    Price: CAD 271.00
  6. IntelliTrack 00-SVC-13 Service Contract

    Service, Initial Design DOCUMENT - PROJECT DOCUMENT
    Price: CAD 271.00
  7. IntelliTrack 00-SVC-24 Service Contract

    Service, Testing Per Hour Charge
    Price: CAD 271.00
  8. IntelliTrack 00-SVC-26 Service Contract

    Service, Consulting/Business analysiS System Requirements and Design
    Price: CAD 271.00
  9. IntelliTrack 00-SVC-14 Service Contract

    Service, Go-Live Assistanc HOURLY CHARGE
    Price: CAD 271.00
  10. IntelliTrack 00-SVC-02 Service Contract

    Service, Project Managemen PER HOUR CHARGE
    Price: CAD 271.00

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