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Keyscan Security Products

Keyscan is a widely recognized name in the security industry equipping businesses, organizations, and institutions with integrated access control systems that regulate and monitor building access for greater security. Keyscan systems can be integrated with closed circuit television systems and building maintenance systems, control multiple buildings over vast geographic areas, produce extensive management audit reports, incorporate biometric devices, such as finger print scanners, and even E-mail alarm messages to cell phones.

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  1. Keyscan AUR-SI

    MSRP: CAD 642.86 Price: CAD 419.55
  2. Keyscan HID5355-Mid Range Reader

    The Keyscan HID5355-Mid Range Reader ProxPro proximity card reader's weatherproof design and architecturally attractive enclosure allows easy mounting indoors or out.
  3. Keyscan HID5365-Slimline Prox Reader

    The Keyscan HID5365-Slimline Prox Reader's potted electronics and slim, attractive design are ideal for indoor or outdoor mounting.
  4. Keyscan HID5395-Wallswitch Prox Reader

    The Keyscan HID5395-Wallswitch Prox Reader provides performance and reliability. HID's attractive, unobtrusive ThinLine II proximity card reader is housed in a two-piece, weatherproof secure potted enclosure.
  5. Keyscan NETCOM2 Converter

    The Keyscan NETCOM2 Converter is for 10/100 Ethernet/Fast Ethernet applications. It enables Keyscan Access Control Units to be connected and communicate over a network. The NETCOM2 Converter provides serial connection from the Access Control Unit (s) via 10/100 RJ45 network interface to communicate with the PC. Unlimited remote NETCOM2 Converter s can be added to a system, offering an enterprise solution. The NETCOM2 Converter is powered via the ACU 12VDC. Fast, easy, trouble-free installation to place Access Control Units on a network.
  6. Keyscan R10 Smart Card Reader

  7. Keyscan HID R40 Smart Card Reader

    The Keyscan HID R40 Smart Card Reader is a C/W Keypad Smart Card Reader
  8. Keyscan PX150-ISO30MG Indala Prox Cards

    The Keyscan PX150-ISO30MG Indala Prox Cards 125 kHz proximity access control cards offer a wide range of dependable choices to suit your requirement. The PX150-ISO30MG Indala Prox Cards are durable and weather resistant. All readers, cards and tags are pre- configured for Keyscan 36 Bit wiegand output, offering off the shelf ordering. No need to remember your last card numbering sequence. Lifetime warranty on cards and readers.
  9. Keyscan Accessories

  10. Keyscan Parts

    Products and parts from Keyscan.

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