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Jewelry Thermal Label

Jewelry labels are designed specifically to wrap around various types of jewelry without damaging them. The usual shapes of jewelry labels are butterfly, dumbbell, or rat-tail of which the center part of the tail or dumbbell is made non-adhesive to avoid the glue stain left on your jewelry items. Available in several sizes and material types, you can easily create customized and professional-looking labels with important information, descriptions, and pricing.

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  1. Zebra Labels Label

    Call for a full selection of thermal transfer and direct thermal bar code labels for your Zebra printer.
  2. Zebra Z-Perform 2000T Label

    The Zebra Z-Perform 2000T is a white, coated paper label offering excellent print quality for thermal transfer printing up to 8 ips. Permanent acrylic adhesive offers high initial tack and adhesion to corrugated surfaces. Recommended for a wide variety of applications, such as box, compliance, work-in-process and indirect food labeling.
  3. Zebra PolyPro 4000D Label

    The Zebra PolyPro 4000D is a white, matte direct thermal polypropylene label with a high-performance acrylic adhesive that produces high-quality black barcodes and human readable fonts when used with compatible Zebra ribbons. Suggested applications include: chemical drum labeling, product labeling and retail applications.
  4. CognitiveTPG Labels Label

    Call for a full selection of thermal transfer and direct thermal bar code labels for your CognitiveTPG printer.
  5. Zebra 8000D Jewelry Label

    Zebra 8000D Jewelry Labels Direct thermal (Desktop Printers) A white, direct thermal, label stock with a UV floodcoat and permanent, cold-temperature adhesive. Provides resistance to oils, blood, alcohol, water and common industrial cleaning solutions.
  6. Zebra 8000T Jewelry Label

    The Zebra 8000T Jewelry is a thermal transfer, white, polypropylene, label with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Offers excellent durability and chemical resistance. Suggested applications include, jewelry tags and ring labels.

6 Item(s)

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