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POS Monitor

Every POS station requires some kind of POS Monitor and not every business needs a touchscreen. Most retail based POS systems scan or key items in and will use a standard monitor due to the cost savings. We carry a wide range of monitors from 12" to over 47" with options for desktop or wall mount models to fit any application.

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  1. GVision P10PS POS Monitor

    The GVision is a 10.4" POS touchscreen with resolutions up to 800x600 and a "no-wobble" photoframe stand and resistive GTouch sensor. The P10PS has a high contract color TFT LCD display and is compatible with IBM and VESA standards. Also comes equipped with advanced OSD control for picture quality adjustment and a built-in audio system.
  2. Planar PLL2210MW POS Monitor

    The PLL2210MW widescreen LED monitor delivers cutting edge technologies and design especially suited for health care environments. This slim, white space-saving monitor will fit seamlessly in any hospital or medical office, and features a wide viewing area for better productivity. With an external power supply and VESA compatibility, the PLL2210MW works flawlessly with medical carts. The LED backlight technology reduces energy consumption and total cost of ownership, while providing superb image quality.
  3. Orion 15RCR POS Monitor

    The 15RCR LCD CCTV monitors with Tilt capability are designed with a Metal Cabinet and LCD Protective Glass for use in harsh environments ready to be installed into rack mount cabinets. The 15RCR is ideal for Factory Control Rooms, Automotive, Marine, Industrial Panel PC, and special Kiosk applications.
  4. Orion 23REDB POS Monitor

    The Orion 23REDB is a truly professional experience in next generation technology using eco-friendly material (no mercury or halogen). This technology exceeds the NTSC color gamut standard of 100% with the LED BLU at 123% to provide a wider range of colours than ever before - you will see colors on screen as you see them in real world.
  5. Touch Dynamic Breeze Touch Monitor Accessories

  6. Touch Dynamic EC150 Touch Monitor

    The EC150 is a reliable touch monitor with a sleek look. The EC150 boasts a dual interface resistive touchscreen, allowing you to connect the monitor to your PC in a couple of different ways. The EC150 Touch Monitor also supports an integrated front facing 3 Track MSR and an integrated 2-20 rear customer display. This support is made possible with smart cable management. The EC150 Touch Monitor is high quality touch monitor that delivers a great value and return on investment to the customer.
  7. Touch Dynamic EC150 Touch Monitor Accessories

  8. PartnerTech QM-150C

    Partner Tech's QM-150C POS monitor is easy on the eyes. It's 350 nit, high-brightness display makes it easy to see in virtually any indoor lighting conditions. Your sales associates won"t have any trouble seeing the bright display, which can help them do their jobs more accurately and efficiently, which can also mean your staff will leave customers with a great impression of your business as they walk away from a pleasant checkout experience.
  9. PartnerTech PM-15BZ

    The PM-15BZ PCT touch monitor brings you the future of touch technology today. This monitor is loaded with added features, and it"s flexible enough to meet the needs of a variety of different types of businesses. The PM-15BZ PCT is a practical and valuable addition to your total point of sale (POS) solution.
  10. GVision Parts

    Products and parts from GVision.

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