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Motorola LI4278 Accessories

Motorola LI4278 Accessories

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  1. Motorola 23844-00-00R

    US AC Line Cord, Grounded, 7.5', Three wire for power supplies.
    MSRP: CAD 18.32 Price: CAD 15.00
    In Stock
  2. Zebra PWR-WUA5V4W0US

    Power supply, AC INPUT: 100-240V, 0.2A DC OUTPUT: 5.2V, 1.1A for the Motorola LI4278 barcode scanner. Includes line cord.
    MSRP: CAD 55.50 Price: CAD 46.20
    In Stock
  3. Motorola PWRS-14000-258R

    Power supply 5vdc 850ma Au-Hk-Nz
  4. Motorola PWRS-14000-253R

    Accessories, Power supply, 5VDC/850ma (For Use in US, Ca, Mx, Br, Jp, Tw). Includes line cord. Power supply for the Motorola LI4278 barcode scanner.
  5. Motorola PWRS-14000-256R

    Power supply, 5VDC, 850MA, For Use in EU, UK, EMEA, RU, and ZA.
  6. Motorola PWRS-14000-148R

    Power supply (100-240 Vac, 12VDC, 4.16a). Does not include AC line cord (Part# 23844-00-00R).

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