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Motorola MT2070 Handheld Computer

Motorola MT2070 Handheld Computer

Streamline scan-intensive data applications with the Motorola MT2070. Combining the simplicity of a scanner with the intelligence of a mobile computer, these handheld mobile terminals provide advanced 1D/2D barcode, DPM and image capture, as well as the ability to key in and view data. Bluetooth, corded and batch connectivity options provide the flexibility to meet a wide range of business needs, and the ergonomic yet rugged design offers comfortable, reliable operation throughout your environment.
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Features and Benefits

Comprehensive connectivity options - including wireless, cordless and corded
802.11a/b/g for wireless freedom throughout your facility; Bluetooth for connectivity as far as 300 feet (91.44 m) away from a host device; USB, RS-232 for flexible corded connectivity

Comprehensive data capture options - 1D, 2D, image capture, EAS
Significantly reduces the need to purchase multiple devices to capture different types of data - today and in the future

Superior 1D laser scanning technology
First time rapid capture of even damaged and poor quality 1D bar codes over a large working range - from 1 in/2.54 cm to as far as 192 in/486.68 cm

A new standard for 2D imaging
Aggressive performance on 1D/2D bar codes plus the ability to capture signatures, photos and video; omnidirectional 1D/2D bar code scanning improves productivity by eliminating the need to align scanner and bar code

Windows CE 5.0 operating system
Easy to scale and highly reliable industry-standard open architecture

Pre-loaded MCL client
Provides the platform independence required to easily connect to new and legacy applications

Forward-scanning pistol grip
Easy-to-grip well-balanced design; reduces fatigue in scan-intensive environments

Rugged design
6 ft./1.8 m drop specification, IP54 sealing, scratch-resistant tempered glass exit window help ensure reliable operation in spite of everyday drops and exposure to dust and liquids

Government grade security with Motorola MAX Secure
FIPS 140-2 certification enables compliance with the most stringent industry security regulations, including HIPAA, PCI and requirements for sensitive government applications (available on MT2000 Series Bluetooth-enabled mobile terminals)

Compatible with Motorola's Mobility Services Platform (MSP)
Complete centralized management capabilities dramatically reduces the time and cost of day-to-day device management

High resolution high contrast color QVGA display
Easy to view regardless of lighting - from bright sunlight to dimly lit warehouses

21-key enhanced keypad
Shifted alphanumeric functionality simplifies data entry; soft keys enable design of easy-to-use applications with a highly intuitive interface

Microsoft .NET development environment
Easily develop new and port existing applications

Optional Intellistand
Increases application flexibility by providing a hands-free mode

Multiple indicators: beeper mode, pager mode and LEDs
Provides dependable user feedback in a wide range of environments

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  1. Symbol KT-2070-ML2078C14W Handheld Computer

    MT2070, Starter Kit Bundle That Includes the PDT - 1D Laser Scanner, Windows CE 5.0, Bluetooth, Color Display, Numeric Keypad. Kit includes USB cable, Bluetooth/Charging Cradle, Power supply, and US Line Cord. For Quad charging cradle kit see (Part# KT-STB2000-C4US).
    MSRP: CAD 1,628.90 Price: CAD 1,333.02
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