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NEC Digital Signage Display Solutions

NEC Display Solutions designs, produces and delivers leading-edge visual display technology for a wide variety of markets. They specialize in desktop and large-screen LCD displays, and a diverse line of projectors for customers who demand the most high-quality, reliable display solutions to meet their needs.

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  1. NEC Digital Signage Display Accessories

  2. NEC E-Series Digital Signage Display

    The NEC E-Series goes above and beyond what you"ve come to know as a traditional display design. With an LED edge-lit backlighting source that contributes to a reduced depth and lighter weight, these displays are mere slivers of the previous generation of displays. These benefits also make this fourth generation of E Series displays easy to transport and install.
  3. NEC V-Series Digital Signage Display

    NECs V-Series high-performance large-screen display utilizes LED backlighting to deliver both environmental and functional benefits for digital signage. The V323-2's commercial-grade panel is capable of displaying brilliant imagery and capturing the audience"s attention. This full HD model features a brand new mechanical design as well as an Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) compliant expansion slot, which future-proofs the display and allows for the seamless integration of a computer or other NEC/third-party component. Because video, RS-232 control and power are passed internally from the display to the computer, additional cabling is not required, thereby simplifying installations. With integrated temperature sensors and fans, this display is ideal in applications that require extended use, including retail stores, restaurants, indoor venues, training facilities and airports.
  4. NEC X-Series Digital Signage Display

    Transform your video walls with the immaculate high definition of the X-Series. Direct LED backlighting reduces power consumption and improves edge-to-edge brightness uniformity. Mere millimeters separate content from display to display which ensures a smooth transition across a video wall. This display is ideal for digital signage, boardrooms, entrance lobbies and broadcast applications, and can be deployed in video wall applications up to 10 x 10 in size utilizing integrated TileMatrix technology.
  5. NEC Parts

    Products and parts from NEC.

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