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Far field RFID Antenna

Far field antennas are ideal for applications where tags need to be read a longer distance away, typically more than 1.5 feet. Common far field applications include pallet tracking, real-time inventory management, and supply chain visibility.

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  1. Zebra AN480 RFID Antenna

    The AN480 single port antenna offers maximum performance and flexibility. The low axial ratio is nearly 50 percent lower than typical competitive devices, delivering a more uniform gain "" and better performance. The wide frequency range enables this antenna to be utilized in worldwide deployments, providing cost-efficiencies and a simplified RFID infrastructure. The AN480 can be installed throughout the enterprise in manufacturing and warehouse floor environments, or any dock door receiving application. As with all Zebra antennas, the AN480 uses Zebra's standard mounting bracket "" mounting the antenna for the first time or upgrading an existing Zebra antenna with the AN480 is fast and easy.
  2. Impinj Threshold RFID Antenna

    Initially designed for boundary/threshold crossing applications, the Impinj Threshold has a very wide beam width to maximize zone coverage. Threshold antennas provide a consistent and continuous read zone when linearly distributed head-to-tail. At 18.1 x 3.5 x 0.7 inch, the Threshold's planar form factor fits readily onto fencing or other borders.
  3. Zebra AN610 RFID Antenna

    When your application calls for a "picture-frame" aesthetic antenna deployment, look to the newest ultra-low profile members of the Zebra family "" the AN610 Slimline Antenna. The AN610 features a simple, integrated mounting system that lets it stand just under one-half inch (12 mm) from horizontal or vertical mounting surfaces. Space-saving and stylish, the outer housing is designed to be sleek and discreet enough to be at home in any business setting but rugged enough for indoor industrial environments. A perfect complement to the FX7400 RFID reader, the AN610 antennas are ideally suited for use in wall mount, doorways, under counter, above counter as an RFID pad, on shelves, POS or end-cap displays like jewelry counter applications.
  4. Motorola AN200 RFID Antenna

    The Motorola AN200 RFID antenna can be used reliably in a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments, from the warehouse to the production line to the docking zone. Its rugged design withstands a range of environmental conditions from extreme heat and cold to moisture and vibration, making this antenna ideal for nearly any application. The AN200 Antenna can be used in standard RFID applications at power levels of up to 1 watt and in customized applications at power levels up to 20 watts.
  5. Intermec IA33D / IA33E Antenna Cell RFID Antenna

    With its unique, mostly metal design, the Intermec IA33D / IA33E Antenna Cell are RFID antennas specifically developed for forklift installations where shock and vibration can far exceed the specifications of antennas designed for fixed RFID reader applications. Complete with mounting hardware, IA33D / IA33E Antenna Cell can be mounted with no drilling, cutting or welding which enables fast and inexpensive installations for a single forklift or fleet deployments. IA33D / IA33E Antenna Cell are available in both FCC and ETSI frequencies.
  6. Intermec IA33B RFID Antenna

    The Intermec IA33B is a circularly polarized panel antenna designed with a low profile. The IA33B is appropriate for indoor use in ETSI-regulated environments, and supports all fixed RFID readers, as well as vehicle-mount readers in some applications.
  7. Intermec IA36A RFID Antenna

    The Intermec IA36A RFID antennas. The IA36A offers a variety of gain, polarization and radiation pattern options. This antenna is specifically designed for vehicle mount applications where shock and vibration can far exceed the specifications of antennas designed for fixed applications. Its pulltruded fiberglass radome makes it one of the toughest antennas on the market.
  8. Intermec IA33H RFID Antenna

    The Intermec IA33H Panel Antenna is designed for a longer read range "" it supports stationary RFID applications in indoor, FCC-regulated environments where readers must spaced at greater distances. The IA33H Panel Antenna is a right-hand circularly polarized antenna.
  9. Intermec IA33F RFID Antenna

    The Intermec IA33F is a medium- to long-range antenna designed to support stationary RFID applications in indoor, ETSI-regulated environments. It is closely related to the IA33G, which serves FCC-regulated environments. The IA33F Panel Antenna is RoHS-compliant, with right-hand circular polarization.
  10. Intermec IA33G RFID Antenna

    The Intermec IA33G Panel Antenna is a medium to long range antenna and is instead designed for use in FCC-regulated environments. The IA33G Panel Antenna supports indoor, stationary RFID applications, and it is RoHS-compliant, with right-hand circular polarization.

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