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SDC Security Products

SDC specializes in the design and manufacture of premium grade access hardware products. As an established leader in the industry, SDC is the largest independently owned manufacturer of access hardware in the U.S.A. The SDC Product Line includes: Electric Lever Locksets, Delayed Egress Locks, Access Controls, Power Supplies, Electric Strikes, Electric Deadbolts, Electromagnetic Locks, Exit Bars and Key/Push Switches.

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  1. SDC 700 Series Key Switch

    SDC 700 Series Key Switch assemblies provide an economical method of providing authorized control for a variety of applications. They are equipped with large actuator for positive and consistent activation. Other notable characteristics include heavy duty all steel assembly, tamper resistant spanner screws, stainless steel faceplates of 20 gauge or 0.25" thickness, 7", 22 gauge wire leads and 6 amp @ 30 VDC operation. Their applications include access control, automatic gate operation, roll up door operation, alarm shunt, alarm reset, machine operation and more.
  2. SDC 1511 EMLock Electromagnetic Lock

    The SDC 1511 EMLock Electromagnetic Lock is typically used on exit doors when unauthorized egress is initiated and delays egress through the door for 15 or 30 seconds. It is integrated with field selectable male voice with security message or female voice with safety message. The 1511 EMLock Electromagnetic Lock is equipped with a standard built-in 4 function key switch for reset, manual power up, momentary bypass and sustained bypass functions. Its applications include airports, public facilities, retail and medical offices.
  3. SDC 1581 EMLock Electromagnetic Lock

    The SDC 1581 EMLock Electromagnetic Lock features interchangeable and upgradeable modular assemblies allowing the unit to grow with your needs. These are designed to be capable of 1650 lbs of holding force. Various input/output modules like an adjustable timer, door position sensor, magnetic bond sensor, anti-tamper sensor and more further enhances its overall performance.
  4. SDC 634RF Series Power Supply

    The 634RF Series Power Supply from SDC is designed specifically to support electric locks and access controls. The high performance, heavy-duty circuitry is ideal for inductive loads and multi-door applications. The modular design allows the integration of several different application control modules to meet growing demands. The access hardware controller provides for six standard DIP switch selectable system and mantrap variations for multiple door systems. The 634RF Series Power Supply provides a well organized installation for individual as well as multi-door systems that may include locking devices, access and station controls and fire safety system interfaces.
  5. SDC MD-31D-OW Request-to-Exit IR Motion Detector

    Upon detecting a person approaching the door, these REX sensors unlock the door immediately for uninhibited egress.
  6. SDC PSB560 Series Exit Sense Bar

    The SDC PSB560 Series Exit Sense Bar provides non-latching push bar for magnetic lock release and delayed egress trigger. A redundant micro switch is automatically activated to release the door if either sensors or the electronics fail. With no moving parts the pressure-sense technology does not suffer wear and provides quick, quiet operation. Other notable characteristics include heavy-duty aluminum extrusion and rugged end caps, good temperature tolerance and easy installation.
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