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Seagull BarTender Automation Barcode Software Part # BT16-A3

BarTender Automation barcode software is the world's leading design and print software for labels, barcodes, cards and RFID tags. Running standalone or integrated with just about any other program, BarTender Automation is the perfect solution for almost any on-demand printing or marking application, including: label printing, print and apply, direct marking on parts and packaging, encoding smart cards, sign production, and much more.

Seagull BT16-A3 Barcode Software

Part Details: BarTender Automation 2016, Automation, 3-printer edition.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Seagull
Newer Version SKU 536928
  • All of BarTender's most powerful design features
  • Data access for network databases (using OLE DB and ODBC), spreeadsheets, and text files
  • Numerous software integration tools, such as ActiveX Automation, enterprise messaging and Seagull's Commander utility for cross-platform integration
  • All the data sourcing of Professional, plus support for SAP IDocs
  • Supports RFID tags and labels
  • Provides ID card printing functions and magnetic stripe encoding
  • Includes all of the Companion Applications except for Librarian
Barcodes, Inc.