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UIC Payment Terminal, Card Reader and Check Reader

Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC) has been a leader in Electronic Commerce/Data Collection components and systems for Banking, Retail, Access Control, Lead Capture and Auto-ID solutions since its inception in 1983. UIC designs, develops and manufactures easy-to-use products that combine affordability and reliability with high quality and performance.

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  1. UIC ST8310 Check Reader

    ST8310 products contain FLASH memory, which allows for easy firmware upgrades in the field without the need to disassemble the product, and a magnetic read head for MICR data capture. The ST8310 contains communications support for traditional PC COM ports for PC-POS applications, many PC and video terminal keyboards in a Keyboard wedge mode, as well as support for communications with many credit authorization terminals, including Hypercom TM, Data Card TM, Verifone Tranz TM, and ZON TM series products. The ST8310 was developed to specifically help retail and financial systems integrators become more flexible in their data capture capability. The ST8310 can adapt to a variety of applications, giving the integrator the ability to better control fraud, as well as further enhance customer service.
  2. UIC MSR213U Card Reader

    The MSR213U is ideal for retail systems, time keeping systems, security systems and other card reader related systems. The MSR213U series are designed to offer the user a card reader solution that will complement many applications. Triple track of MSR213U is uniquely designed to read both credit cards and Driver Licenses (AAMVA and California standard).
  3. UIC MSR206U Card Reader

    The UIC MSR206U magnetic stripe reader and writer conforms to ISO 7811 1 to 6 formats. It reads and writes up to 3 tracks of data (i.e. decoding/ encoding and verifying data) simultaneously and achieves this in one swipe for single, dual or triple tracks. It writes high or high & low coercivity magnetic stripes.
  4. UIC MSR215E

    The countertop encrypted magnetic stripe reader, MSR215E, supports two frequency coherent phase decoding and communicates with a host computer via USB interface. It is a manual reader and read magnetic stripe cards in both directions, forward or backward. The three magnetic stripes are capable of reading data at 210bpi and 75bpi and are encoded as per International Standards Organization (ISO) 7810/7811, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrator (AAMVA) and California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) standards.
  5. UIC BEZEL 8

    The Bezel 8 is a three in one device supporting Magnetic Stripe, Smart Card and Near Field Communication (NFC) functionalities. It has been developed to integrate seamlessly into vending machines and other unattended applications such as parking lots, transportation, petroleum stations. It conforms to IP and IK codes to meet outdoor deployments.
  6. UIC PP190

    The PP190 provides USB and RS-232 interfaces. It has sensing capability that automatically detects the appropriate interface type connectivity to the unit. The PP190 is a contactless reader with PINpad in a small, cost-effective package. The PP190 has a 128x64 graphic LCD display and 4 LEDs. The display can provide a message from the host and a visual response for users letting them know that their transactions were received.
  7. UIC EPP810

    The EPP810 is a 32-bit processor based indoor and outdoor enhanced standards based PINpad device. It is Payment Card Industry (PCI 4.0) approved for highly secure transactions. It is Ideal for retail and financial applications. The EPP810 meets the highest level of security measures to ensure 100% secure transactions. It has integrated Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES), Master key/Session key and Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management functionality.
  8. UIC PP791

    The PP791 is a highly versatile countertop PINpad payment device that conforms to PCI, Interac, EMV standards and meets the highest levels of security by encrypting every transaction using Triple Data Encrypted Standard (TDES), Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Rivest, Shamir, Aldeman (RSA) Standard, Secure Hash Algorithm-1 (SHA-1) and Derived Unique Key Per Transaction (DUKPT) key management and Message Authentication Code (MAC). The PP791 operates in multiple modes. It is a magnetic stripe reader, Chip and Pin reader, contactless reader and is hardware ready for Near Field Communication (NFC).
  9. UIC 680

    The UIC680 has become cashless payment industry's benchmarking product for contactless payment devices. The reader seamlessly integrates into a variety of environments, such as kiosk and unattended payment systems. It inherent plug-and-play feature ensures fast and easy deployment. The UIC680 supports all layers of ISO14443 Type A & B communication scheme and ISO18092 NFCIP-1 standards. It is EMV compliant.
  10. UIC PP790SE Accessories

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