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Wasp QuickStore POS

Wasp QuickStore POS

QuickStore POS is the easiest, quickest way to checkout customers and manage inventory. Simple and powerful, the point-of-sale and inventory control features are ideal for stores such as apparel stores, bicycle shops, general merchandise, gift shops, shoe stores, specialty retail, and sporting good stores. Your complete point-of-sale solution!
Starting at: Price: CAD 598.10
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  1. Wasp (3)
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  1. Multi-Lane (1)
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  1. Retail (3)
  1. Wasp 633808471095

    QuickStore POS, Software, Enterprise (2 Store Licenses and 1 Checkout Lane License Per Store)
    Price: CAD 3,221.92
  2. Wasp 633808471019

    QuickStore POS, Software, Standard (1 Checkout Lane License)
    MSRP: CAD 670.73 Price: CAD 598.10
  3. Wasp 633808471088

    QuickStore POS, Software, Professional (1 Checkout Lane License)
    MSRP: CAD 1,348.22 Price: CAD 1,212.18

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