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Wireless Software

Whether you’re looking for a software or bandwidth upgrade, a device license, management software or a plug-in/extension, we have all necessary options to support our vast wireless product line.

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  1. Motorola NX-9000-ADVSEC-LIC Service Contract

    Upgrade, License: Advanced Security For NX 9000
    MSRP: CAD 2,031.14 Price: CAD 1,946.86
    In Stock
  2. Motorola NX-9000-8LIC-WR Service Contract

    Service, NX9000 License Certificate for 8 Controllers/Access Points
    MSRP: CAD 1,077.22 Price: CAD 1,032.51
    In Stock
  3. Motorola NX-9000-1024LIC-WR Service Contract

    Upgrade, License: 1024 Adp AP For Nx9000
    Price: CAD 135,493.23
    In Stock
  4. Motorola VX 9000E Wireless Software

    The VX 9000E WiNG Express Manager is a software appliance running as a virtual machine (VM) on a variety of cloud infrastructures, including Hypervisor and Amazon EC2. This means you get the power of award-winning WiNG 5 architecture and a cost-effective, multi-site, enterprise-class wireless LAN management platform""without ever compromising performance or the ability to scale.
  5. Aerohive Parts

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